TPE, TPU & TPV Elastomers

Specialized Rubbers & Rubber-Like Plastics for Injection Molding

TPE, TPU, and TPV elastomers are rubber or rubber-like plastic materials that are ideal for a wide range of injection molded parts and products that require a soft feel. These elastomers are used to produce everything from control buttons and grips on specialty medical devices to equipment handles and bumpers to overmolded parts and products of all types.

JG Plastics are experts in injection molding, using TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), TPU (thermoplastic urethane), and TPV (thermoplastic vulcanizate) materials to produce custom products that match our customers’ exact specifications.

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Specialty Injection Molding Materials

Traditional rubber materials cannot be processed via injection molding. To provide the soft, rubbery injection molded products our customers need, we work with a variety of TPE, TPU, and TPV materials. These elastomers are specially formulated for injection molding, allowing us to create high precision parts that match our customers’ designs.

We work with TPE, TPU, and TPV elastomers with hardnesses from Shore 30A to Shore 90A and above. (The lower the number, the softer the material.) If you’re not sure what material or Shore hardness is right for your product(s), please contact us to discuss your material needs. Our expert team will help you select an elastomer that meets your application and performance requirements.

Common TPEs, TPUs & TPVs

JG Plastics works with a wide range of TPE, TPU, and TPV elastomers. Some common, well-known examples of these materials include:

  • VersaFlex (TPE)
  • Elastollan (TPU)
  • Santoprene (TPV)

Overmolding with TPE, TPU & TPV Materials

The softness of TPE, TPU, and TPV elastomers can make it difficult to properly bond them to harder substrates via overmolding. Fortunately, JG Plastics are experts at overmolding, and can produce complex overmolded parts for myriad industries and applications using these specialty materials. We have the skills and expertise to maintain the tight tolerances overmolded products require, no matter how complex your designs.

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