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Thermoset molding is a very specialized form of molding used by industries requiring parts that will hold up in extreme environments. Thermoset molded parts typically withstand massive vibrations, extreme temperatures, and aggressive chemical attack. The thermoset molding process, as opposed to thermoplastic molding, is accomplished by using specialized materials and very high mold temperatures (up to 500°F). The resulting parts can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures without cracking, shrinking, or failing. The experts at JG Plastics have years of experience with thermoset materials and molding. This is not your everyday molding process, and we take pride in being among the few companies still able to provide this highly specialized service.

The thermoset process is commonly used for molding electrical connectors, military and defense related equipment, down-hole drilling connectors, and aerospace components. At JG Plastics, all our molding processes are done in-house, guaranteeing total control over the molding process from inception to inspection. We work with customers to create the best part design and tooling for your plastic parts.

Though thermoplastic molding has become the dominant molding process in the plastics industry, thermoset molding still occupies an important niche. Finding a competent thermoset molder is getting harder and harder. We understand thermoset molding, and can deliver the specialized tooling and parts needed for highly technical fields.

JG Plastics offers both thermoset and thermoplastic molding processes at our facility, located in Costa Mesa, California.

Contact JG Plastics for more information regarding our thermoset molding or any of our other plastic injection molding capabilities, contact us! We have the plastic molding solution for you.