Injection Molding for Consumer Products

In today’s market, most mass-produced, injection molded plastic consumer products are manufactured overseas—and for simpler, mass produced products, international manufacturing may work just fine. But, if you need complex or intricate plastic injection molding for sophisticated and/or high-end products, you need JG Plastics.

With a full-service manufacturing facility located in Costa Mesa, California, we specialize in the high precision, tight tolerance injection molding of plastic parts and products with stringent quality and performance requirements.

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Precision Plastic Injection Molding

Utilizing innovative processes and technologies, including overmolding, insert molding, and cleanroom capabilities, JG Plastics deliver premium quality plastic injection molded products in low to medium quantities. We offer product development, assembly services, and everything in between—we are a true one-stop shop that can take your project from inception through inspection.

In-house mold design and construction gives us complete control over the quality, reliability, and performance of our molds and tooling. It also saves you valuable time and money on your project.

We work with a wide range of high quality standard, custom, and engineered plastic materials. If you’re not sure what type of plastic is the best fit for your injection molded consumer products, our experts will work with you to determine which material is right for your performance and application requirements.

Diverse Injection Molding Capabilities

JG Plastics has produced precision injection molded plastic consumer products and individual parts for a wide range of companies, from tool manufacturers to firearms OEMs to consumer medical groups. Consumer products we’ve provided include:

  • In-flight entertainment components
  • Tool handles and components
  • Precision pneumatic chambers
  • Firearm stocks and forends
  • Mouth guards and anti-snoring devices
  • LED-light therapy devices
  • Knobs and components for high-end electronics
  • High output lighting devices
  • and much, much more

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If you manufacture sophisticated, high-end, and/or engineering-intensive consumer products, JG Plastics is the right injection molding company for the job. We deliver premium quality, completely custom products based on your designs.

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We are a complete plastic injection molding facility including thermoplastic and thermoset molding

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