Conductive Plastics & EMI/RFI Shielding Plastics

Specialty Materials for Injection Molding

Electrically conductive plastic parts and products, and those that provide EMI and/or RFI shielding, are used throughout the aerospace, defense/military, and electronics industries, among others. One common method of producing these conductive or shielding parts is to plate or paint an injection-molded plastic part with a specialty coating. However, this can be a costly and time-consuming process, and the results are often less than ideal.

To quickly and efficiently produce the high precision, tight tolerance conductive and/or shielding components our customers need via injection molding, JG Plastics uses Chomerics materials from Parker Hannifin. With Chomerics, special conductive and shielding fibers are entrained directly into the plastic itself. This provides consistent, reliable performance and eliminates the need for secondary coating and plating processes.

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Specialty Injection Molding Materials

While Chomerics materials are more expensive than most other types of injection molding plastics, the elimination of the coating/plating process makes them a more cost-effective solution for conductive and shielding applications. Because of their chemical compositions, Chomerics are also more difficult to work with in injection molding than most other materials, and require sophisticated, specialized molding techniques.

With these two factors in consideration, it is critical to work with an injection molding provider that has experience in working with Chomerics plastics. Material waste should, of course, be avoided in any injection molding application, but when working with engineered plastics like Chomerics, it is especially important—even minimal waste of these materials can quickly cancel out the cost savings achieved by eliminating the need for specialty coatings.

JG Plastics is one of very few injection molding companies that works with Chomerics. We have extensive experience with these materials, and have developed innovative injection molding processes that eliminate all but the most minor, truly unavoidable material waste. We have an in-house mold and tool shop, giving us complete control over the quality, reliability, and accuracy of our molds and tooling.

Conductive & EMI/RFI Shielding Coatings Also Available

If Chomerics are not right for your particular application, we can also provide conductive and/or shielding coatings, plating, or paint for your injection molded parts and products. Using this method, we can pair a material that provides the right level of performance for your product with the conductive/shielding capabilities your application requires.

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