In-Mold Decoration

JG Plastics is at the forefront of a new and exciting method for decorating molded plastic parts called In-Mold Decoration (IMD). IMD is a process where a decorated or printed film is cut, formed (applique) and inserted into the mold cavity prior to mold closure. Thermoplastic resin is then injected against the back of the printed film, forming a beautifully decorated part that is both durable and cost effective.   

Proper mold construction and the use of the correct film, printing ink and base resin are extremely important to the overall success of the IMD process. That’s why JG Plastics has partnered with HyTech Forming Systems to create thousands of IMD decorated components for aerospace, automotive, defense and electronics industries.

Benefits of In-Mold Decoration:

  • Durability: Decoration is “second surface”, meaning it is protected by the clear film.
  • Film Options: Various film texture, gloss, hardness and UV treatments available.
  • High Tech Appearance: Wide variety of ink colors available, including metallic inks.

Another developing technology for IMD decoration is the use of conductive inks to create touch sensitive capacitive buttons/switches. Circuits can be printed directly on the IMD film and yield a clean and efficient way to eliminate mechanical buttons. IMD capacitive buttons are currently being developed for use in appliances, automobiles and commercial airplane applications.

In-Mold Decoration is commonly used in the following industries: